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Reports are the representation of information of your store in the form of tables and graphs. Reports give you the quick glance of the statistics of your store. In StoreHippo, Reports section provides the overview of the data of your store which includes the recent orders, top customers, order summary, best selling product and monthly revenue etc.

Go to Reports in StoreHippo Admin Panel to access the reports section.

The reports section has following subsections:

COD vs Online

This section contains a comparison of payment method COD (cash on delivery) and Online payment(payment gateways), providing an insight into the most popular payment method on your store. It determines the revenue earned by different modes of payment. It's an auto generated field and appears as soon as you make payment for a particular order. A graph is generated which shows the COD vs Online revenues till date. You also have a choice to manually sort and display the order by using Filters.

Best Selling Product

Products for which the highest number of orders are placed, help in generating heavy revenue for the store will come under the Best Selling Products. Revenue is generated so far based on the number of orders and the items purchased.

Recent orders

This section represents the details of recent orders. This includes the unique Order ID and Email ID of the customers, the total amount paid by the customer by using different Payment modes.

Order Summary

Order Summary gives you a quick glance at the statistics of the orders of your store. It comprises of the following fields that include the order:

By Status

The Status shows you your order status. It might be an open, closed or a canceled order. The revenue is calculated based on the status.

By Financial status

The Financial status shows payment based orders. If payment for orders is done then it comes under paid section, if payment is not yet given by client then the order is considered as pending. Revenue is hence calculated based on the order count and the status.

By Delivery Status

The delivery Status shows delivery based orders. If delivery for the order is done then it comes under Shipped section, else under Not Shipped section. Revenue is hence calculated based on the order count and the status.

By Device

This section calculates revenue depending on the device used for placing a particular order.The device can be a desktop or a mobile. Revenue is hence calculated based on the order count associated with the particular device.

By Payment Method

This shows the mode of payment of orders, Online or Cash On Delivery. Revenue is hence calculated based on the order count and the Payment Method.  

Top customers

This gives a quick glance at the top customers of your store according to the order placed by them. It consists of the customer's name, their Email ID and Total Price for which they have placed the order.

Sales By Location

This gives a quick glance at the orders of your store according to the location. It comprises of the State, Country, Order Count and the Total Revenue Generated from them.

Monthly Revenue

It represents the information in the form of bar graph specific to a month. Total generated Revenue is thus calculated per month.

Stock out

This comprises of the list that contains the details of the products which are no more available in stock for selling. Stock Out report shows a tabular list contains the name of the out of the stock product which is clickable and redirects you to the edit page of that product. Product's quantity is tracked and if it gets to 0, then product is considered as stock out. If product has variants then, the quantity for product is mainted through its default variant's quantity.