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Affiliate ledger rules

Affiliate ledger rules are created to define the commission to be provided to an affiliate on every order. Multiple conditions can be specified while adding an affiliate ledger rule.

Go to the Affiliates > Affiliate ledger rules section in the StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the rules to define the commissions for affiliates.

Adding Affiliate ledger rules

To add a new affiliate rule, click on the Add New button. Clicking on the Add new opens the form as shown below:

Following fields are available while adding an affiliate ledger rule:


Enter the name of the rule.


Select the type of amount to be charged, it can be either flat or percentage.


Enter the amount to be charged.

Affiliate filters

You can define a rule using affiliate filters for either all/specific/specific groups of affiliates.


Define the priority level of the rule here. The higher the level of the rule, the higher is the priority over other rules.


Select the checkbox to enable the rule.


A group of conditions that decide the applicability of the rule. The rule will be applicable only if all the conditions defined are met. You can set a number of conditions as follows:

  • Product name
  • Product quantity
  • Product categories
  • Product collections
  • Order total
  • Order quantity

Once you have defined the affiliate ledger rule, the transaction entries will be added to the affiliate ledger section whenever the condition is met.