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Import/Export Sellers

You can import and export sellers in bulk through CSV file. StoreHippo provides the option to import and export sellers. If you want to add sellers in bulk to your store, use the import option. If you wish to export your store's sellers and their details, use the export option. 

Importing Sellers

Sellers can be added or edited in bulk by using the CSV format. Click on the ellipsis button and select the Import option from the drop-down menu.

Clicking on the Import button opens adialogbox where you can upload the file. You can create a new CSV file by referring sample file or choose the existing CSV file and upload it.

Exporting Sellers

You can export sellers to edit or add seller in bulk. Sellers can be exported using export command in the drop-down option. 

Clicking on the Export button opens the followingdialogbox. Provide the required details and you can either download or email the CSV file.

Fields available in export pop up: 

Stored Filters

Choose the filter for which you want to export the file. To add a new filter, click on Add New and enter the Name of the filter. The filter stored automatically when the file is exported and will be available in the drop-down for the later use. 


You can export all of the columns in the order data, else you can also export specific columns based on your requirement.


If there are some specific users that you want to export, then use the Export Filters to select for export. There are three options:

  •   No filters: It will be selected by default. No filters will be applied to export by default.

  •   Use Current Filter: These are the filter(s) that are currently applied by the user. For example, click on the published tab and search for a product with product name "polo".

Number of records

By default system exports 500 records in one go. However, the maximum limit to be exported in one go is 10000. To export 10000 records in one go, you can mark the number of records as 10000 or less.

Start marker

Start marker allows you to set the starting index for the export. The export will skip the number of orders specified in the field. In the first set, only 10000 records are exported. Hence to export next 4000 records, you can keep the number of records as 10000 and start marker as 10001, hence it will export records from 10001 to 20000.

Send To

Provide the email id on which you want to send the downloadable link to the exported file. The email id field is prepopulated with the current logged in user id. The CSV file can be downloaded by the link provided in the mail. The link expires automatically after 7 days.

Show ledger columns

Select the Show ledger columns check box if you want to include the seller ledger fields such as type, amount, action, etc in the CSV file.