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Seller invoices

The Seller Invoices section will display the list of paid and pending invoices for the sellers.

Generating seller invoices

You can generate the invoices for the sellers in the Seller Ledger section of StoreHippo Admin Panel. You can generate the invoices for all or specific sellers. You can also define the period for which the invoices should be generated. Thus, the unbilled transactions lying in the specified time period only are included in the invoices. You can opt to generate invoices for the current month, last month, last 30 days, any custom range or since the beginning.

You can also make changes to the invoice. You can edit the seller invoice template in the Settings > Invoice Template section.  

Operations on Seller Invoices

Here are some operations which can be performed on Seller Invoices. Click on the ellipsis button to access operations:


Choose the Edit option to edit the invoice. Also, you can change the date of the invoice raised here.

Payment of invoices

Your sellers can also opt to pay directly from the Seller Invoice by clicking on the ellipsis button and choose the Pay option. Here you/they can select the payment option and click on Pay button which will be directed to the payment gateway.