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Product Reviews

It’s important for every merchant to know his customers' liking or disliking for his products or services. For this purpose, StoreHippo themes provide a Review/Comment box on every product page so that customers can share their experience of using the particular product or services.

When a customer enters a feedback on your store's products or services, you have the liberty to decide whether you want to publish it for general viewing or you want to publish each comment manually yourself after reviewing and considering the provided feedback. 

Publish a review

Go to Products > Reviews section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to make a comment or review visible to all. You can delete, view and unpublish a review on this page. 

Delete a review

Clicking on delete button against the review from the drop-down will delete the review.

View a review

Choosing view review option from drop-down will open a page as shown below:

Here, you can see the general description of review and the history of review.

Unpublish a review

Choosing the unpublish option will hide review from the front end and it will be listed under the unpublished tab of reviews.

When you click on Unpublish option from the drop-down against a review, it gets listed under the unpublished tab.

Review gets hidden from the front end.

Publish a review

You can also publish an unpublished review by clicking on the publish option in the drop-down menu.

Search reviews

Use the search option to quickly find your reviews. You can search a review either by product name or by email id with which the review has been posted. You can also use advanced filters to filter out the reviews.

Using search by product name

Using search by email id

Export reviews

You can export all or specific reviews in CSV file by using export command. The reviews can be exported same as exporting products.