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Products are goods or services that you and/or your sellers sell on your store. Your store is defined by the products that you sell, hence product management is very important for your store. Within the products panel, you can manage the entire product range in a very smooth and systematic manner.

Click on Products in the side panel on the left to access product section. 

Within the product section, there are different sub-sections related to products.


Add single product, import products in bulk, export products, or perform common operations on products e.g. edit or duplicate them, delete a single or multiple products at one go, publish or unpublish products. You can also search and filter products.


You can create Categories to segregate products into different segments. StoreHippo allows multi-level categories to allow hierarchical organization of your products. For example,  "Clothes" , "Clothes > Men", "Clothes > Men > Casuals" could be possible categories.


You can manage the Brands that your products belong to. On your storefront, you can show a brand page and you can also have dedicated pages for each of the brands.


Collections can be used to group products across different categories together e.g.  "Featured Products".

Option Sets

Option Sets is used to give behavior to product options. For example, you can define if you want the color option to be displayed as a drop-down, switch, radio or any other way.


Analyze and manage reviews of your products. 

Linked Products 

Linked products allow sellers on your store to specify different pricing of an already existing product.   

Linked Products are used only in Multi-Seller Stores.