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Exporting products

You can export your products to a .csv file if you want to create a backup, move your existing products to a new Storehippo store, or edit your products in bulk using a spreadsheet. Any changes you make to the products in your product .csv file appear in your store's Product list if you import your product .csv file into your Storehippo admin.

Go to Products > Products Section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to export your products. Click the Export button in the page header. The dialogue window with the following fields will appear:

Stored Filters

Choose the filter for which you want to export the file. To add a new filter, click on Add New and enter the Name of the filter. The filter stored automatically when the file is exported and will be available in the drop-down for the later use. 


You can either choose to export all fields or selected fields.


If there are some specific products that you want to export, then use the Export Filters to select products for export. There are three options:

  •   No filters: It will be selected by default. No filters will be applied to export by default.

  •   Use Current Filter: These are the filter(s) that are currently applied by the user. For example, click on the published tab and search for a product with product name "polo".

  Now, if we click on Export button, filter for published products will be auto-populated in current filters.

  •  Select Filters: Use select filters to choose from already existing filters. For example, you can select category field equal to a specific category. Selecting this filter will export all the products belonging to the selected category.

Number Of Records

We can specify the number of records to be exported. As of now, we can export a maximum of 10000 products at a time.

Start Marker

Start marker allows you to set the starting index for the export. The export will skip the number of products specified in the field. For example, if the store has 10 products and we specify 5 in start marker, then it will skip first 5 products & export remaining 5 products.

Send To

Provide the email id on which you want to send the downloadable link to the exported file. The CSV file can be downloaded by the link provided in the mail. The link expires automatically after 7 days.