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API Throttling / Limiter

As per the current API implementation, we have a limit on the number of requests per second per store.

The current request limit is 2 API requests per second (~ 120 API requests per minute) per store.

Methods to handle API rate limits

We suggest some methods to handle the limitations:

Using wait/sleep between API calls

While hitting the API, you can add a sleep/wait time of 1 second after every 2 consecutive requests.

Sample Nodejs code to implement sleep:

function sleep(ms) {
  return new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, ms));
   await sleep(1000);

Use Bulk Import

You can use the CSV import feature in order to insert or update bulk data to the entity. Using the import feature, you can add 10,000 add/update/delete requests at a time. The records added/edited through CSV are executed in the background in a sequential manner without explicit throttling limit. Please note that only one import process run at a time for one store.

The bulk import feature is available for products, users, sellers, shipments, coupon codes, etc.