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Seller Ledger Rules

In a multi-seller marketplace, the admin might want to charge the seller's fee/commission on different activities e.g. when they sell or list their products on the marketplace.

Go to Sellers Seller Ledger Rules section in StoreHippo Admin Panel to manage the rules to define the fees/commissions for sellers.

Adding a new seller ledger rule

Click on the Add New button to add a new seller ledger rule. Clicking the button will open a form which will have following fields:


Enter the name of the ledger rule.


Select the type of the ledger rule you want to apply. Currently, 3 types of ledger rules are supported:

  • Product Listing Fee: If a Product Listing Fee is defined, then a transaction will be created with the product listing fee for every product added. Product Listing Fee is applied even if the product is not approved yet.
  • Product Selling Fee: If a Product Selling Fee is defined, then a transaction will be created with the product selling fee for every product that is sold. If an order contains multiple products on which product selling fee is applicable then there will be multiple entries for one order, one for each product in the order.
  • Order Shipping Fee: If an Order Shipping Fee is defined, then a transaction will be created with the order shipping fee for every order that is shipped.


Marketplace Fee

Enter the amount that you want to charge when the product is listed or sold. You can enter a fixed or percentage amount.

Tax Applicable on Fee

Select the tax that will be applied to the fee.

Product Filters

Select the filters to apply the fee only on specific products, categories or collections.

Seller Filters

You can select the seller for which the rules apply. It can be either all sellers or you can select specific sellers based on their name.


Check on the enable box if you want to enable the listing fee rule, else leave it empty. You can enable or disable it any time you want by visiting seller ledger rule.

For example, if you want to define seller specific tax rules, all you have to do is select the radio button labelled as 'Specific Sellers' and type the seller's name in the field that pops below.


You can set the priority level of the listing fee rule here. Higher the level of a listing, the higher is it's a priority over others.

Level 10 has high priority then level 1.

 Note: Seller Ledger can be created for different sellers separately.

Importing and Exporting Seller ledger rules

You can import and export the seller ledger rules in bulk through CSV file. If you wish to export the existing ledger rules, use the Export option given under Ellipses

In case you want to add the ledger rules in bulk to your store, you can use the Import option to import the seller ledger rules in bulk using a simple CSV format.