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SMS providers

Available in Enterprise Plan and above.

StoreHippo allows you to set up custom SMS gateways that you can use to send SMS instead of using the standard StoreHippo SMS service.StoreHippo has an account with SMS provider to send automated SMS for the respective events, by default all the SMS to users and admin are sent through StoreHippo's default SMS provider, it is sent in the name of DM-STORE which is the registered name of StoreHippo with the SMS provider.

Setting up custom SMS gateway

Before you set up a custom SMS gateway, please create an account with the SMS gateway. Once you have created the account with the gateway, follow these steps to setup the gateway on StoreHippo:

  1. Go to StoreHippo App Store.
  1. Find and select the desired app from the app store.

  2. Once you have selected the app, click Install button to install the gateway.

  3. Go to Settings > SMS Providers in StoreHippo Admin Panel.

  1. Click on Add new button. A form will open with the following fields:


Enter the name that you want to give to the provider account.


Once you have installed the app, the gateway will appear in the drop-down list. Select the gateway.


There will be different settings for different gateways. In the case ofBulkSMSGateway, Username, password and Sender id are required.

Activating SMS provider

You need to activate the SMS provider after adding it. Click on the ellipsis button and choose Activate from the drop-down to activate the SMS provider in your store.

Also, you need to register the SMS templates with your SMS providers. 

SMS providers supported by StoreHippo

StoreHippo has integrated the APIs of the below-mentioned SMS providers: