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Tips for Store/Page Title

StoreHippo has provided the provision to add the meta title for all the static pages, categories, collections, brands, product pages. Meta titles added are fetched by Google and are displayed in SERP when a user searches for the respective pages.

While giving the page title you should take care of the following instructions:

  • The meta title should be descriptive enough: It is recommended to keep the title in between 45-55 letters (including spaces).
  • The meta title shouldn't be too small or too large: In case of too small titles Google adds some random data after the title, and it truncates the title if it is too large.
  • Add meta titles for all the pages for better SEO ranking.
  • Avoid duplicate or boilerplate titles: You shouldn't add duplicate meta titles for different pages, and just altering one or two words in a long title is also not a good approach.
  • Avoid overdo of keywords: You shouldn't be adding titles with a lot of keywords, or repeating the same keyword again and again.

Eg: Using Buy Shirts, Buy Affordable Shirts, Buy Designer Shirts will not help the SEO as Google will rewrite such titles and will add some random titles of their own.

For more details, you can also refer Create descriptive page titles.

Why won't Google use my tags?

Sometimes it might happen that Google has displayed some random titles in SERP and not the one that you defined, it may happen due to the following reasons:

  • Your title has multiple keywords: If the title that you have defined has multiple keywords then Google can rewrite the title and will display the updated title only.
  • Alternate title: Google may also pick the alternate titles that you have defined for Facebook or Twitter sharing.

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