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Taking business global with StoreHippo

StoreHippo helps to expand your business to a global scale so that you can reach a much wider audience and grow significantly faster.

The e-commerce site plays a key role in the success of your global expansion. That's why StoreHippo makes sure that your website is optimized for global business and provides all the features essential for the smooth functioning of your international e-commerce business.

Following are several features and tools to scale your e-commerce businesses globally with ease:


SttoreHippo's Multi-store functionality lets you create substores within your store. You can create substores for different geolocations assigning different them products, banners and payment methods, etc using a single central dashboard. 


StoreHippo provides you with the functionality Multilingual ecommerce which enables you to create a site in multiple languages. You can offer multiple languages on your store so that your customers can access the store in the language of their choice. 


StoreHippo provides the support for multiple currencies with its multi-currency feature. This feature enables customers to view product prices and checkout in their native currency as determined via geolocation. The users from multiple regions can access your store in their currencies providing them with a better shopping experience. This eventually helps to target international markets.

IP based store

StoreHippo lets your customers access the store as per their geolocation. You can offer multiple languages, currencies, substores, payments and themes on your store using the Store Variants feature so that your customers can access your store in the version of their choice. The obvious advantage of having an IP based store is that it helps you connect better with your domestic and international customers. 

Payment gateways

You can enable different payment gateways in your store so that your customers have a choice of multiple payment options at checkout. StoreHippo supports 40+ domestic and international payment gateways. You can set up global payment gateways and process orders from anywhere. 


You can ship across the globe with international logistics. StoreHippo is integrated with ShipKaro which brings together the leading domestic and international logistics providers on a single platform to offer automated logistics services. You can integrate your custom logistic providers as well. You can boost your sales and widen your customer base beyond geographical boundaries with international shipping.

Custom Pricing of Products

StoreHippo lets you set up custom pricing using Price Overrides feature. Price overrides allow you to change the pricing of your products for a number of specific conditions such as substores, user, countries, etc.
Price overriding is used to have a different set of pricing for different customers. For example, you can show the price differently to customers in USA and Australia of the same product.


StoreHippo allows you to set up a number of tax rules that you might need to charge on your sales varying with different countries and states. 

Shipping Methods

You can set the shipping methods based on various conditions including countries. You can define shipping charges for the orders placed in your store based on different conditions.


StoreHippo provides built-in promotion tools such as discounts and coupons to market your store. It allows you to create storewide discount rules and coupon codes based on different parameters like locations etc.

Global CDN

StoreHippo provides powerful CDN to improve your site speed and retain more customers by offering the availability of product and services globally. The traffic peaks are easily managed and networks are secured with close to 100% uptime.